I am a ghostwriter, a writer you don’t see who writes parts of your book for you. If you want to write a book, but can’t find the words or the time to put your thoughts and ideas on paper, you can hire me. I will write your book as you would have written it yourself. You will recognize yourself clearly in the book, because I use your words and write in your style. In short, it’s all your book! I write it for you and keep myself invisible.

How do I proceed?

Our collaboration starts with a series of interviews. For a week I listen to you, ask questions, take notes and discover how you think. After three weeks I will deliver to you an initial concept. As we discuss this first draft, you will be able to make adjustments and add to it as you like. When you are completely satisfied with the text, we’ll start the design. At this point, my job as a ghostwriter comes to an end, but I’ll be happy to help with the next steps by connecting you with a publisher. If the publisher accepts the transcript, they take over the production and distribution of your book. You may also decide to self-publish your book, using your own marketing channels. If you choose that route, I can take care of the artwork and printing for you. I’ll make sure the book is nicely designed, printed and delivered to you in the amount and quality you like!