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  • Simply Jesus

    19,95 Boeken

    Doing the same miracles as Jesus dit with the Holy Spirit as your coach. This book is for children ages 8-12 who want to do what Jesus did and change the world.

  • Understanding Your Dreams and Visions

    16,95 Boeken

    All God’s children can learn to understand and explain dreams with the help of the Holy Spirit. Besides explaining dreams, this book contains a comprehensive and practical symbol list to help you understand your dreams.

  • Dream Tips (English edition)

    16,95 Boeken

    Dream Tips is the sequel to the earlier book Understanding Your Dreams. Truly a book for you, if you want to dive deeper into this subject and long for a more intimate, personal relationship with God.

  • God’s Heart for Women

    12,50 Boeken

    God’s Heart for Women offers a biblical rationale for women in ministry.

  • Gifts from God’s Garden

    19,95 Boeken

    Discover how you too can live physically, mentally and emotionally healthy with Bible oils.

  • Activating your spiritual gifts

    14,95 Boeken

    Practical reading and workbook for anyone who wants to develop in the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit, such as: healing power, words of wisdom and encouragement, interpretation of dreams and prophecy.

  • Download Snelle weergave

    Source of Living Water

    0,00 Boeken

    My booklet about Jesus that I like to hand out to people who don’t know him yet. It has now been translated into English, Spanish and Hungarian. Here’s the English edition. You can download the PDF or read the booklet below.



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