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“Jolande is a great author! I met her in the Netherlands on my way to Israel where I told her how difficult it was for me to write about myself. She replied: ‘I will come to meet with you in the United States for seven days. I will take notes, ask questions, record your story and return home to write your book’.

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That is exactly how the book came into existence, Jolande wrote it. There are very few people I know that are people of their word. Therefore, Jolande, from the gratefulness of my heart, I say thank you!”

Ewout Suithoff, Director of Funding & Communication, ZOA Apeldoorn zoa.nl

“In 2009 we hired Jolande¬†as a freelance copywriter. We are especially excited about the high degree of professionalism that she deployed in the preparation of our 40th anniversary book. Jolande’s specific role was to start with ZOA’s vision and describe the set up of an operational project,

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which she managed within the financial framework and the agreed timeframe. The result was an excellent quality and strong substantive book that describes 40 years of ZOA. Our compliments to her! ZOA, therefore, warmly recommends her and will definitely hire her again in the near future.”